Innovations in geographical education in Poland

In the age of globalization, integration and transformation, both in Poland and other countries of the world, cultural, regional and intercultural education, realised as a planned and deliberate educational and didactic process, seems to be indispensable. All steps should be taken in order to ensure that implementation of the concept of this education will create an atmosphere of cultural pluralism at school, so that it would be transmitted to pupils’ homes, neighbourhoods and finally to whole societies. Watching with fear and often directly experiencing the results of lack of respect for the other in today’s world, both on the micro and macro scale, let’s us make use of the great potential of geography at all stages of education to create the desired beliefs and attitudes.


Piróg D., 2007. Innovations in geographical education in Poland – cultural and intercultural education (in the light of National curriculum, requirements and challenges of the modern world) [W:] Changing geographies: innovative curricula (red. Catling S., Taylor L.), IGU, UGI, London, s.236-244.

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