Rola geograficznej edukacji akademickiej w kształtowaniu postaw

In this article the author presents the results of research,the main aim of which was to find out:

– the sources of knowledge about Europe among Polish geography students: which university courses (according to the surveyed students) gave them best knowledge about the European dimension; what university courses do they want to be introduced to, or eliminated from, their academic programme;

– the level of cultural openness of these students and hierarchy of factors infl uencing the level of the openness.

To meet these aims the author used a diagnostic opinion poll. The research was held during social events of geography students communities in five big Polish universities: in Katowice, Kielce, Kraków, Warsaw and Wrocław.


Opublikowane w:

Piróg D., 2008. Rola geograficznej edukacji akademickiej w kształtowaniu postaw otwartości kulturowej studentów [W:] Geografia we współczesnym systemie kształcenia. (red. Wiśniewski R., Gierańczyk W.) Dokumentacja geograficzna nr 38, PAN IG iPZ, Warszawa, s. 97-104.