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Regional and temporal changes in demand for geography teachers in Poland. Results of job advert tracking in the years 2019-2020

In the literature, analysing job adverts is considered to be a credible method for collecting data about the real demand for employees with higher education. Studies on the demand for teachers based on this data source have been conducted in many countries, but never in Poland. On this basis, the research objective was to identify regional and temporal changes in the demand for geography teachers. As part of the study we tracked all job adverts addressed to geography teachers which were published online over a period of nearly two years. It turned out there were 3,438 such job vacancies in Poland, which included part-time and full-time positions.

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Staff shortages in education sector. Review of existing research and recommendations for local policy of educational services

Staff shortages in education sector are an important topic in international research in the field of education services and regional development. Even though this issue has gained importance also in Poland, it has not been explored by academics. Therefore, the objective of the paper is to de
scribe the processes responsible for teacher shortages and outline actions that would mitigate the risk
of unfilled vacancies in education sector which is an important role of regional policy. The literature review has demonstrated that the teacher recruitment process has become considerably longer and
often fails. This situation applies to many countries, a variety of education institutions and multiple
subject domains. Processes that clearly intensify staff shortages include the leakage of teachers who permanently leave the profession. 

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Powstawanie niedoborów kadrowych w szkolnictwie. Przegląd stanu badań oraz rekomendacje dla lokalnej polityki w zakresie usług edukacyjnych

Niedobory kadrowe w szkolnictwie są w literaturze światowej ważnym przedmiotem badań nad usługami edukacyjnymi i rozwojem regionalnym. Problem ten, choć staje się ważki także w Polsce, dotąd nie był naukowo zgłębiany. Dlatego celem artykułu jest scharakteryzowanie procesów skutkujących niedoborami nauczycieli oraz działań sprzyjających obniżeniu ryzyka utraty płynności kadr w systemie edukacji jako ważnego zadania dla polityki regionalnej.