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Stages of feminisation in the teaching profession: examples from selected countries

annales 2x2Feminisation of the teaching profession is a global and ongoing process. This phenomenon progresses at different speeds and takes on various forms and, thus, can be divided into specific stages. The paper focuses on examining feminisation as a phased process. Its foundation are absolute numbers of teachers of both genders and relative values, i.e. the share of men and women in the teaching population and relationships between them, analysed over time.

During the course of the investigation it turned out that a phased approach proved useful in analysing the speed and nature of professional typification of teachers. The analysis of the collected data led to a conclusion that the feminisation of the teaching profession in Europe in the years 2005-2017 was in some cases very dynamic and comprised of two or three stages within the twelve-year period and, on the other hand, in some countries the process was less varied and presented a single stage of the profession's typification.


Published in:

Piróg, D., Wiejaczka, D. (2020). Fazy feminizacji profesji nauczycielskiej: przykłady z Polski i wybranych krajów. Annales Universitatis Paedagogicae Cracoviensis Studia Geographica, 14, 132–146, doi: 10.24917/20845456.14.9


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