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Professional Career of Teachers in the Context of Education System Changes: an Overview of Existing Research

cover 341 2x2Economic, social and cultural changes generate new challenges on the labour market for the representatives of many professions, including teachers. The economic development, technological advancement, unemployment rate, demographic situation and social life models correspond to an individual's attitude towards work and create conditions in which they pursue their professional aspirations.
In the long term, the situation is reflected by career paths. The literature review shows that the most significant changes in the dynamics and type of career paths are visible in those professions that are strongly correlated with systemic changes. In the case of teachers, they result primarily from legal regulations that define the conditions of promotion and reforms of an educational system. Consequently, on the one hand, the law specifically controls the professional career path of teachers and at the same time makes the career path model uniform for the entire profession. On the other hand, restructuring process in the school network, and implementation of new plans and curricula as a result of educational reforms have an impact on the demand for teachers of certain specialties, including teachers of entrepreneurship, compelling them to take on a variety of career paths necessary to keep their job. These processes are clearly worthy of academic analysis because the quality of teachers' work, closely related to their career path, plays a fundamental role in developing social capital.The objective of the paper is to present the results of the literature review regarding career structure theories and teachers' professional career paths analysed both through the prism of professionalism and the situation on the educational labour market. The synthetic nature of the study makes the paper a theoretical discussion which analyses the results of
both the Polish and foreign literature review in the chosen area of study.

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Piróg, D. (2018). Kariera zawodowa nauczycieli w warunkach przemian w systemie edukacji: zarys stanu badań. PrzedsięBiorczość - Edukacja, 14, 495-521. doi:10.24917/20833296.14.34

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