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Selected processes that shape geography as a degree programme in Poland in the 21st century

The dynamic social, economic, and political transformations of recent years have shaped the
contemporary image of Polish society and significantly impacted higher education institutions.
Geography had to evolve as an academic discipline not only because of the Bologna
Process or reforms of higher education system, but also to attract young people to degree
courses in geography.

Professional Career of Teachers in the Context of Education System Changes: an Overview of Existing Research

cover 341 2x2Economic, social and cultural changes generate new challenges on the labour market for the representatives of many professions, including teachers. The economic development, technological advancement, unemployment rate, demographic situation and social life models correspond to an individual's attitude towards work and create conditions in which they pursue their professional aspirations.

Schools as professional destinations of geography graduates in Poland in the years 1962-2012 in the light of socio-economic developments

Iceri 2x2One of the key goals of academic education in geography has been comprehensive training of future geography teachers. Schools are, in descriptions of a geography graduate's profile, one of primary possible employment areas. The socio-economic and political situation has undergone dramatic changes in the last fifty years which has affected the professional destinations of graduates of many university programmes, including a share of geographers who find employment in the educational sector.

Making decisions about going to university in the 21st century: theoretical underpinnings versus reality- a case of Polish students

Iceri 2x2The literature review indicates that one of the most under-researched areas in higher education are factors that determine the decision-making process of young people regarding going to university. There is a number of recognised theories that describe this complex process, in particular the theory of rational choice, expectancy-value theory, motivation theory and self-determination theory.

Comics as a tool for a narrative approach in early career counselling: theory versus empirical evidence

BJGC 2x2An analysis of both theoretical and empirical literature suggests that career counselling should begin in childhood and that it should be an ongoing process based on a narrative approach. The basis of this paradigm is an insightful reflection over one's life history, which requires tapping into the capacities of autobiographical memory.

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