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Selected processes that shape geography as a degree programme in Poland in the 21st century

The dynamic social, economic, and political transformations of recent years have shaped the
contemporary image of Polish society and significantly impacted higher education institutions.
Geography had to evolve as an academic discipline not only because of the Bologna
Process or reforms of higher education system, but also to attract young people to degree
courses in geography.

The aim of this article is to demonstrate the chief processes that currently shape higher education
and geography degree programmes in Poland. At the macro-scale, we examined the
opening of the labour market and the market of educational services, integration with the
Bologna system, demographic changes and the evolving aspirations of Polish society towards
education and professional careers. In the analysis regarding geography, we focused on the changes in how school geography is viewed generally, the level of interest among young
people to pursue geography degrees and the motivations behind choosing this programme
among geography students. We have discussed the role of internal and external competition
affecting geography degree courses and the formal division of geography as a discipline resulting
from the new Law 2.0 on Higher Education currently being implemented in Poland.

Published in:

Piróg, D. (2018). Wybrane procesy kształtujące geografię jako kierunek studiów w Polsce w XXI wieku. Studia Geographica, 12, 9–25, doi: 10.24917/20845456.12.1



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