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Determinants of entrepreneurship of higher education graduates: theoretical assumptions vs. reality

przeds eduk 163 PLEntrepreneurship of young people, understood both as declared readiness to start a business, high evaluation of competences in this area and actual opening a business is perceived as a very profitable factor in development.

It boosts innovation in the economy, the creation of new work places and builds high self-esteem. Especially important, from the point of regional development and its competitiveness is when a business is established by higher education graduates. They should be optimally prepared for this task and they declare a strong interest in becoming self-employed.
The aim of this article is to analyse various theoretical studies devoted to the role of different determinants responsible for creating entrepreneurship. A special attention is paid to not only the role of higher education institutions in preparing their graduates for setting up their own businesses, but also to its effectiveness. It was verified by the results of an empirical survey, which diagnoses the real percentage of new graduates opening a firm.  Full tekst 

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Piróg, D. (2014). Uwarunkowania przedsiębiorczości absolwentów szkół wyższych: założenia teoretyczne i stan rzeczywisty. Przedsiębiorczość - Edukacja, 10, 306-315.

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