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Studies, labour market, graduates, transition - Danuta Piróg PhD

The situation of geography teachers on the labour market in Poland: overt and covert issues

cover EJoG 2x2aEconomic, social and cultural changes generate new challenges on the labour market for teachers in every country. Poland has recently witnessed significant changes in factors that were identified in literature as crucial to the situation of teachers on the labour market, such as systemic reforms, demographic trends, the overall situation on the labour market and occupational prestige. The scale and impact of some of these factors can be precisely measured and statistically accounted for, yet there are others that remain somehow hidden.

Stages of feminisation in the teaching profession: examples from selected countries

annales 2x2Feminisation of the teaching profession is a global and ongoing process. This phenomenon progresses at different speeds and takes on various forms and, thus, can be divided into specific stages. The paper focuses on examining feminisation as a phased process. Its foundation are absolute numbers of teachers of both genders and relative values, i.e. the share of men and women in the teaching population and relationships between them, analysed over time.

Wykorzystanie fotografii we współczesnym kształceniu geograficznym: dydaktyczne założenia i praktyczne rozwiązania

annales 2x2Obserwacja bezpośrednia i pośrednia to fundament kształcenia geograficznego oraz konstruowania wiedzy. Od niej zaczyna się kształtowanie pojęć i terminów, ona jest źródłem do formułowania prawidłowości i podstawą klasyfikacji. W edukacji przyrodniczej oraz geograficznej obserwacja jest niezmiennie pierwszorzędnie ważna.

Karty, medale, dyskusje: metody i techniki służące kształceniu przez dociekanie (III)

Geografia 1 20Realizacja założeń IBSE w edukacji geograficznej oraz przyrodniczej możliwa jest z zastosowaniem każdej aktywizującej, waloryzacyjnej, praktycznej czy polisensorycznej metody kształcenia, o ile zachowana zostanie strategia częściowo kierowanej lub otwartej (pełnej) strategii konstruowania wiedzy geograficznej.

PAW i DART's – Budowanie i trening dociekliwości na lekcjach geografii oraz przyrody (II)

Geografia 6 19 2x2Po fazie wzbudzania u uczniów dociekliwości na lekcjach geografii i przyrody z zastosowaniem różnych technik zmierzających do wypracowania u nich nawyku stawiania pytań, konieczne jest należyte wykorzystanie i utrwalanie tej postawy w procesie kształcenia

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Dam Projects: The Perspectives of Resettled and Non-resettled Communities

WRM 2x2The research focuses on the perception of the Mucharz reservoir in relation to costs and benefits for two types of communities. The primary aim of the paper is to compare the social impact of dam projects among both resettled and non-resettled local communities.

Edukacja geograficzna oraz przyrodnicza przez dociekanie – koncepcja i zastosowanie w praktyce (I)

Geografia 5 19 2x2Dociekanie w języku polskim oznacza badanie, czyli wnikliwe, pogłębione poznanie istoty jakiegoś zjawiska lub rzeczy. Koncepcja nauczania przez dociekanie IBSE (ang.: Inquiry-Based Science Education) w edukacji geograficznej i przyrodniczej ściśle wiąże się z takim właśnie, analitycznym i badawczym podejściem ucznia oraz nauczyciela do fragmentów rzeczywistości, które poznaje na lekcji geografii lub przyrody.

Hierarchy of factors affecting the social perception of dam reservoirs

EIAR 2x2This study presents an assessment of factors that influence how people who live in the vicinity of dams view such projects. The usefulness of the principal component analysis (PCA) method for identifying variables that determine individuals' opinion about large dam projects was reviewed. The study focuses on people affected by the construction of the Mucharski Reservoir in the Polish Carpathians. The construction took over 30 years and took place at a time when Poland transitioned from a planned economy to a free market one.

Selected processes that shape geography as a degree programme in Poland in the 21st century

The dynamic social, economic, and political transformations of recent years have shaped the
contemporary image of Polish society and significantly impacted higher education institutions.
Geography had to evolve as an academic discipline not only because of the Bologna
Process or reforms of higher education system, but also to attract young people to degree
courses in geography.

Professional Career of Teachers in the Context of Education System Changes: an Overview of Existing Research

cover 341 2x2Economic, social and cultural changes generate new challenges on the labour market for the representatives of many professions, including teachers. The economic development, technological advancement, unemployment rate, demographic situation and social life models correspond to an individual's attitude towards work and create conditions in which they pursue their professional aspirations.

Schools as professional destinations of geography graduates in Poland in the years 1962-2012 in the light of socio-economic developments

Iceri 2x2One of the key goals of academic education in geography has been comprehensive training of future geography teachers. Schools are, in descriptions of a geography graduate's profile, one of primary possible employment areas. The socio-economic and political situation has undergone dramatic changes in the last fifty years which has affected the professional destinations of graduates of many university programmes, including a share of geographers who find employment in the educational sector.

Making decisions about going to university in the 21st century: theoretical underpinnings versus reality- a case of Polish students

Iceri 2x2The literature review indicates that one of the most under-researched areas in higher education are factors that determine the decision-making process of young people regarding going to university. There is a number of recognised theories that describe this complex process, in particular the theory of rational choice, expectancy-value theory, motivation theory and self-determination theory.

Comics as a tool for a narrative approach in early career counselling: theory versus empirical evidence

BJGC 2x2An analysis of both theoretical and empirical literature suggests that career counselling should begin in childhood and that it should be an ongoing process based on a narrative approach. The basis of this paradigm is an insightful reflection over one's life history, which requires tapping into the capacities of autobiographical memory.

Socioenvironmental issues of river bed material extraction in the Himalayan piedmont (India)

EES 2x2The present study focuses on the Balason river running through the Himalayan piedmont zone (near Siliguri, India). The objective of the study is an assessment of the environmental effects of river bed material extraction by humans and the dependence of indigenous people on the river and its ecosystem services.

Local Residents' Perceptions of a Dam and Reservoir Project in the Teesta Basin, Darjeeling Himalayas, India

MRD 2x2We researched local residents' perceptions of a dam and reservoir construction project in the Teesta River catchment basin (Darjeeling Himalayas) within 1.5 years of its completion, using a questionnaire survey.

Problematyka pracy w badaniach z zakresu turystyki w Polsce w XXI wieku: ewolucja nurtów, paradygmatów i podejść

cover 333 2x2Artykuł prezentuje efekty przeglądu publikacji z zakresu turystyki i rekreacji, które ukazały się w Polsce w latach 2000–2017 i były poświęcone szeroko pojętej problematyce rynku pracy w gospodarce turystycznej.

To study or not to study geography? The changing motivations behind choosing geography degree programmes by Polish students in the years 1995–2015

geoforum 2x2The article presents results of research (N = 2173) on the reasons for choosing geography degree programmes as declared by geography students. The objective of the analysis was to examine the significance of specific motivations and to attempt to clarify the changes behind these motivations in the context of social and political transformations in Poland in the last twenty years.

Geography degree graduates’ transition to the labour market: process, determinants, prediction

pirog ksiazka

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Rationale for undertaking the research project; objective of research
Both today's economy and todays labour market are essentially changing. For social geography, this means that the functioning of people in a dynamic reality is growing in importance as a subject of research. People's confrontation with change defines social borders. The nature of that confrontation is revealed with particular sharpness in the transition of graduates of successive education levels into employment. This transition is now seen as one of particularly complex processes in society. It takes place subsequent to the completion of education or self-education, often coupled with temporary work, and is completed at the time of starting a permanent job or self-employment considered by the person concerned as his or her key activity.
Higher education graduates are a particular subpopulation of labour market entrants in that their efforts to build a capital allowing them to find a satisfactory job required the highest investment from them or their families. However, they encounter significant problems both in finding a job allowing them to use their competences acquired during their university education and in finding any job at all. Problems in transition into the labour market entail negative social and economic consequences. They may delay the time when the graduate becomes an autonomous person, an adult in the full meaning of the word, a productive and investing member of the society, and when he or she makes the decision to marry or have children. These delays may result in a downturn of the society's economic standing, decreased birth rate, slower economic growth, growing emigration, declining popularity of a given study subject, growing scepticism about higher education institutions.

Dokonywanie wyboru usługi edukacyjnej na poziomie wyższym – ujęcie teoretyczne

cover issue 288 pl PL 2x2Celem autorki artykułu jest przedstawianie wyników badań literaturowych, dotyczących teorii wyborów edukacyjnych, stanowiących postawy do zrozumienia mechanizmów procesu podejmowania decyzji tak o podjęciu studiów wyższych w ogóle jak i wyboru ich charakterystyk (uczelnia, kierunek).

Studia na kierunku geografia z perspektywy absolwentów wkraczających na rynek pracy: propozycja metodologiczna i wyniki badań

2017 LodzAbsolwenci są jednym z podstawowych podmiotów mogących dokonać oceny przydatności studiów w przejściu z etapu edukacji akademickiej do etapu zatrudnienia oraz sugerować konieczne zmiany w szeroko pojętej koncepcji kształcenia, które optymalizowałyby pozycję
geografów na rynku pracy w przyszłości. Celem opracowania jest analiza percepcji studiów na kierunku geografia z perspektywy pracujących i poszukujących zatrudnienia absolwentów; zaproponowanie i poddanie krytycznej ocenie zastosowania metody pól semantycznych dointerpretacji wyników w badaniach jakościowych z zakresu geografii społecznej.

Changes in the Polish education system and professional-demographic profile of teachers gaining qualifications at the Pedagogical University (UP) to teach Natural Sciences from 2000 to 2016

Higher 2x2The specificity of the teaching profession requires not only thorough preparation to it in the course of study but also continuous training and improvement after its completion, during work.

Opóźnienia w przechodzeniu absolwentów szkół wyższych na rynek pracy: przyczyny, typologia, następstwa

SE 2016Przechodzenie absolwentów poszczególnych szczebli kształcenia na rynek pracy przebiega w różnym tempie i charakteryzuje się szerokim wachlarzem strategii przyjmowanych przez młodych ludzi w trakcie tych działań. Studia literatury dowodzą, że największe zróżnicowanie tranzycji prezentują osoby kończące edukację wyższą. Dzieje się tak przede wszystkim dlatego, że z jednej strony w większości krajów rozwiniętych narastały trudności tej populacji w pozyskaniu satysfakcjonującego ją zatrudnienia, a z drugiej zasób wiedzy o świecie i poszerzone horyzonty pozwalają jej na kreowanie nowych alternatyw dla klasycznego, linearnego wejścia w dorosłość.-

Geographical Education from the Czech, Slovak and Polish Point of View

cze 2x2The world community of the first two decades of the twenty-first century represents a complicated system. Its functioning is greatly affected by information. The world is interconnected by information. People, including children, are overwhelmed, or even more attacked, with huge amounts of information and signals.

The role of competences for geography higher education in university-to-work transition

polonica 2013 2x2 300dpiThe objective of the article is to empirically verify the impact of assessing one's own competences on the transition of recent university geography graduates from education to employment. The article also looks at the role of competences in predicting graduates' situation on the job market.

Key processes shaping the current role and operation of higher education institutions in society

Enviro 2x2The concurrent processes of globalisation, computerisation, and integration shape and constantly modify developmental factors and generate multidirectional social changes. Among social life fields, one of them has been particularly sensitive to the impact of those processes and has remained in clear feedback relationship with them is education, including university-level education. This article aims to present some reflections on the key processes which influence the environment of higher education institutions' activity and on what their impact specifically is.

Book Review: Educating for Hope in Troubled Times: Climate Change and the Transition to a Post - Carbon Future

HicksThe book focuses on three important global issues: climate change, peak oil, and the limits of growth. It's worth asking why David Hicks decides to discuss these topics when each of them has been carefully considered among scientists for many years. In answering this question, we need to admit that, firstly, these problems are still not totally recognized, and are often not treated with great seriousness.

The issue of labour research in the field of socio-economic geography in Poland and in the Anglophone countries

PKGP 3 2015 newThe labour market perceived as the mechanisms of its functioning, has been and still is an important part of research devoted to structural changes in various scales of spatial systems. The scale and range of current changes taking place on the local, regional and global labour market is so large that industry and service studies have to take them into consideration. Research in this field, which would not add labour market problems, seems to preclude a proper scientific analysis and formulating conclusions.

Technologie informacyjno-komunikacyjne na nauczycielskich studiach geograficznych. Rozważania teoretyczne i wyniki badań

PKEG 2015 2x2W ostatnich latach obserwuje się znaczące zmiany w koncepcji kształcenia kandydatów do zawodu nauczyciela geografii. Obejmują one przemiany organizacyjne i programowe. W obrębie tych drugich można dostrzec wyróżnienie wiedzy oraz umiejętności z zakresu technologii komunikacyjno-informacyjnych jako obligatoryjnego efektu kształcenia.

Journal of Geography in Higher Education - A selection of the best article

Best JGHE 2x2Artykuł: Do geography degree programmes facilitate a smooth transition to the job market? Reflections of working and job-seeking graduates in Poland opublikowany w Journal of Geography in Higher Education został wyróżniony jako jedna z najlepszych publikacji w tym czasopiśmie.

Entrepreneurial competences: theoretical deliberations and their illustrations in higher education

przedsieb 2x2 220 pl PLEntrepreneurial competences have been and are still considered the crucial factor in socio-economic development. As a significant element of social capital, these competences are key factors in creating and developing new enterprises, a successful transition into the labour market, and furthering professional careers.

A geography graduate's transition into the labour market in Poland: a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the process

Bulletin oG 2x2Transition, i.e. the education-to-work shift, is considered one of the most important processes in human life. The characteristics of transition hinge on, first of all, the labour market situation, the economic climate in the region, the educational services market and the aspirations of society.

Job search strategies of recent university graduates in Poland: plans and effectiveness

he 2x2The objective of this article was to highlight plans versus actual actions of university graduates in Poland aimed at finding employment. The paper also empirically verifies the impact of chosen job-seeking strategies on the success or failure of their transition to employment.

ZAMEK - Poznaj Swoje Predyspozycje Zawodowe

www okladka nauczyciel 150dpiMateriały metodyczno-informacyjne i narzędzia dla nauczycieli, doradców zawodowych, psychologów, pedagogów i rodziców

Głównym celem tej publikacji jest podnoszenie szans uczniów gimnazjów, szkół ponadgimnazjalnych i innych placówek systemu oświaty, w tym Centrum Kształcenia Ustawicznego i Zawodowego (CKUiZ), na pomyślne wejście na rynek pracy, tj. pozyskanie zatrudnienia zgodnego z ich zainteresowaniami oraz predyspozycjami zawodowymi.

Competition among universities on the educational services market in the circumstances of economics crisis and increased transition difficulties

prace komisji gp 28 167 2014 2x2 300Universities are the kind of institutions where values as well as social mission play an essential role. A wide range of changes, especially marketisation and massification of the higher education system, globalisation, internalisation, turbulence on the labour market, has resulted in universities existing in an atmosphere of strong competitiveness.

The process of looking for methodological innovations in qualitative research – an example from an analyses of geography graduates’ transition to the labour market

annales 2x2 300The aim of the paper is to propose using the adopted and partly modified semantic field method for the analysis and interpretation of longer answers for open questions in social geography and educational surveys.

A graduate’s first job: expectations of graduates and the fulfillment of their plans

se 2x2The transition of recent graduates to the labour market, including the labour market destinations they hold in comparison to their aspirations and plans, seems to be an under researched area. Especially interesting and important for higher education management policy is recognition of their first job destinations and the relevance between the study subject and real occupation.

Determinants of entrepreneurship of higher education graduates: theoretical assumptions vs. reality

przeds eduk 163 PLEntrepreneurship of young people, understood both as declared readiness to start a business, high evaluation of competences in this area and actual opening a business is perceived as a very profitable factor in development.

The impact of degree programme educational capital on the transition of graduates to the labour market

SiHE 2x2The article aims to empirically verify the impact of educational capital on the success or failure of higher education graduates' transitions. The paper uses the example of geography graduates in Poland who took part in a nationwide survey in 2012, six months after their graduation.

Do geography degree programmes facilitate a smooth transition to the job market? Reflections of working and job-seeking graduates in Poland

cjgh 2014 2x2 300dpiThe article presents results of a survey conducted among Polish geography graduates. They were asked questions about the relevance of their degree to their transition from university studies to the job market. The research project revealed that less than half of them found a job.

Destinations of geography graduates on the labour market in Poland and other countries

polonica 2013 2x2 300dpiThe objective of the article is to analyse the changes in labour market destinations of geography graduatesin selected countries over the last 30 years. Moreover, the paper discusses the results of a Polish study on professionalcareer plans of recent geography graduates and the fulfilment of these plans in 2012.

Community perception of the Klimkówka Reservoir in Poland

IJWRD 2013 2x2 300This article presents the results of a survey on how people perceive the Klimkówka storage reservoir located on the Ropa River in the Polish Carpathians.

Selected Theories of Higher Education Graduates’ Transition into the Labour Market in a Knowledge-based Economy

pkgp ptg 2014 23 2x2 300dpiThe transition of university graduates from the stage of education to employment in the 21st century seems to be one of the most complex and difficult processes taking place within the labour market.

Territory, region and place in Polish geographical education in the context of the globalisation process

eds 2x2 300The article presents an analysis of evolution of the conception of selection and arrangement of regional education themes in Poland in 1960–2008 with special consideration for the understanding of territory and region in geographical education.

Additorial schooling and in-service training of geography teachers as a adjustment of current job market challenges

Facing a deteriorating situation on the job market for teachers (including geographers), one should expect even heavier commitment of the professional group to their additional training. Therefore, it is necessary to take actions on the central level for creating wider range of offer adequate for the teachers’ needs and supporting them in that. The current system of methodological guidance and additional training for teachers is based on local arrangements and diverse organizational and financial models.

The concept of study teaching geographical by Jan Flis

The study shows the evolution of plans of teaching and curriculums of geography studies at the Pedagogical University of Cracow (former Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiczna) in Cracow in 1946–2001. On the basis of literature and their own research, the authors distinguished some stages of changes introduced into geography-teachers training, taking into account formal and curricular aspects and professor Jan Flis’ contribution to the notion of geography-teachers’ training.

Selected determinants of higher education graduates transition into labour market

The transition of university graduates in the 21st century from the stage of education to employment seems to be one of the most complex and difficult processes taking place at the labour market. The transition paths of people who finish studies in individual countries are mainly an effect of differences in economic level and economy conditions, social and cultural disparities and system differences, including the teaching systems.
The efficiency of this process, apart from demographic and macroeconomic trends is influenced by accumulation of "career capital" especially the ability of transferring skills enquired in higher education into potential and real workplaces, individual and personal features, such as: aspirations, adaptability.

Miejsce i rola edukacji europejskiej w nauczaniu podstaw przedsiębiorczości ...

Nauczanie podstaw przedsiębiorczości i edukacji europejskiej, zarówno w ramach przedmiotu, jak i w module stwarzają szanse na wykształcenie człowieka lepiej przygotowanego do życia w dynamicznie zmieniającym się świecie, odnajdywania się w różnorodnych sytuacjach, kooperowania z ludźmi odmiennymi od nas pod wieloma względami.

Methods for Efficiency Improvement of Geographical Studies within the Scope of Procurement of Work by Graduates Exemplified by Solutions Applied in Great Britain and in Germany *

The study presents a review of proposals for improving efficiency of higher geographical studies in Great Britain and in Germany.

The following elements of the strategy are characterized: preparation and audit of study curricula, methodology of academic teaching, management of professional career and familiarity with labour market, promotion of graduates' competences.

Graduates of geographical studies for employers' requirements

Unemployment, which also hits people with higher education, is one of the major socio-economic problems in Poland. This unfavourable situation is caused by the wrong conception of higher education which doesn't prepare graduates for employers' requirements.

The level of interest in teaching occupation among geography graduates *

One of the key purposes of geographic education at universities was, and still is, comprehensive teaching of future geography teachers. The process of in-depth preparation for the profession and later procurement of employment is not an easy task. In spite of it, a large group of geography students still chooses teaching specialization. Selection criteria for this specialization are varied and not always result solely from the desire of becoming a teacher; they may be a derivative of desires for obtaining additional qualifications in case of failure in the process of looking for a different job.

Higher education and the labor market in Poland - an outline of the state of research

Nowadays one of the most important socio-economical problems in Poland is the unemployment which also concerns graduates of higher education.

Job searching strategies among geography graduates in the transition period *

A suc­cess­ful tran­si­tion from the stage of edu­ca­tion to employ­ment is deter­mined by sev­eral fac­tors. One of these fac­tors is the proper strat­egy of search­ing for a job, espe­cially select­ing the most effec­tive method of search­ing. The paper presents results of a sur­vey about meth­ods of job search­ing in the tran­si­tional period con­ducted among geog­ra­phy grad­u­ates.

Changes to the conception of geography curricula within university education in poland in the 21st century in the face of labour market challenges

In the nineties of the 20th century, there was a rapid growth in the number of applicants for Polish universities. Unfortunately, this favourable situation didn't cause any structural or curriculum changes. Traditional geography curriculum remained obsolete and not adapted to the challenging Polish labour market.

Do Polish Universities value Geography in the 21st Century

The fact that geography as the scientific discipline and as a school subject has a great meaning for all of us in everyday life is obvious for scientists representing this discipline, for students who have chosen geographical studies, and for many members of the society.

Researching the occupational fates of university graduates as the link of improving the quality of an academic education – examples of methodological strategies

Artykuł przedstawia przegląd, analizę i ocenę metod, narzędzi, celów oraz organizacji badań losów zawodowych absolwentów uczelni wyższych.

Studiami objęto wszystkie dostępne raporty z badań prowadzonych przez Biura Karier, zespoły badaczy oraz indywidualnych naukowców od roku 2000.

Aspirations and professional plans of academic youth in Poland on the base of geography students *

The paper shows results of research conducted among geographers in twelve universities in Poland in June 2011; 1120 students graduating from first and second degree studies or uniform Master' s studies in the academic year 2010/2011 , i.e.: people who were part of a group entering the labour market.

The concept of Europe and European Integration in Polish National Curriculum

This book draws theoretically and methodologically from the sociology of curriculum, educational policy, and comparative education to meta-analyse the findings of nine separate studies which explored constructions of "Europe" in the Social Studies secondary school curricula of a respective number of countries: Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany), Greece, France, Poland, Cyprus, Northern Ireland (UK), Sweden, Ireland and the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (Spain).

Metody nauczania przyrody - Adaptacja innowacji cz. III

Nauczanie przyrodnicze w szkołach ponadgimnazjalnych jest dużym wyzwaniem dla nauczycieli, dlatego artykuł przybliża teoretyczne założenia i adaptuje kolejne dwie metody, które mogą być uzupełnieniem dydaktycznego warsztatu nauczycieli przyrody na czwartym etapie edukacyjnym.

Metody nauczania przyrody - Adaptacja innowacji cz. I

Nadchodzący rok szkolny 2012/2013 przynosi wielowymiarowe zmiany w polskim szkolnictwie ponadgimnazjalnym, które w dużej mierze dotyczyć będą nauczycieli geografii pracujących w tym typie szkół.

Spatial database of historic monuments in Malopolskie Voivodeship

Nowadays one of the most important elements of geosphere is cultural space. The cultural space consists of material culture, immaterial culture (religion, ceremonies), aspirations of society, the level of education, intellectual potential and social, political and cultural consciousness.

Geographical education vs. cultural education and education of culture in Polish schools – theoretical reflections

The article presents the meaning, place and role of cultural education, education of culture and intercultural education in Polish teaching of geography.

The role of intercultural education in preparing Polish pupils

Intercultural education understood as all the actions aiming at getting to know and becoming open towards other cultures, serving mainly to establishing tolerance, understanding and appreciation of groups of people differing from us in respect of race, nationality, sex, religion, as well as acquiring the ability to coexisting and cooperate with others should nowadays be an especially important element at all the stages of education. (Ardens J.R., 1995).

Transnational lives: migrant narratives of "home" and "belonging"

This chapter deals with the seemingly innocuous concepts of "home" and "belonging" which, for most people, are interlinked.

Images of Europe: the students imagination

This chapter explores, through dialogue, the lived geographical experiences of students in order to elucidate the challenges involved in fostering thinking European(s) in globalising world.

Understanding Europe: university geography curricula

This chapter offers an overview of geography courses in Higher Education across a number of European countries with a view to providing a better understanding of the concepts and competences taught and their contribution to widening and deepening knowledge of the European space in terms of place, culture, indentity and citizenship. 

Conceptions of higher education in reference with needs of labour market

Transformation of political system in Poland brought, apart from obvious profits, a number of negative consequences. One of the crucial socio-economic problem is an unemployment, which doesn't avoid graduates of higher education.

Sondaż diagnostyczny

Sondaż diagnostyczny to jedna z coraz częściej stosowanych metod badań w dydaktyce geografii. Metoda ta pozwala na zgromadzenie danych ilościowych i jakościowych związanych z szeroko pojętym procesem kształcenia, których nie można pozyskać z żadnych innych publikowanych źródeł.

Types of specializations in geography in higher education in Poland – fashion or an answer for the needs of employers

Along with the development and evolution in all disciplines of science and labour markets, the interests of students and their educational needs mainly connected with finding jobs have also changed. To meet these challenges universities and academies created a new educational and professional possibilities for their students, especially a rich choice of majors and specialities. These changes encompasses also students of geography.

This paper presents a quantitative, spatial and conceptive analysis the proposal of specialities on geography studies in Poland in all state universities in school year 2009/2010. The purpose of this study was to characterize the trends in offered specialities during geographical studies in Poland.

Motywy wyboru geografii na maturze

Z chwilą wprowadzenia egzaminu maturalnego w nowej formule obserwujemy stały wzrost liczby uczniów, którzy wybierają geografię jako przedmiot maturalny. Najwięcej uczniów wybiera geografię na egzaminie maturalnym w czterech województwach: mazowieckim, wielkopolskim, małopolskim i śląskim (Matura 2006).

Measurement of conviction and attitudes

Modern didactic of geography should undertake new research not only in the sphere of estimation of knowledge and skill increasing but also in the area of conviction and attitudes.

Rola geograficznej edukacji akademickiej w kształtowaniu postaw

In this article the author presents the results of research, the main aim of which was to find out:
– the sources of knowledge about Europe among Polish geography students: which university courses (according to
the surveyed students) gave them best knowledge about the European dimension; what university courses do they
want to be introduced to, or eliminated from, their academic programme;

Conception of intercultural education

The purpose of this paper is to show new tasks of Polish school geography in the 21st century - a time filled with and determined by globalization, integration and transformation processes.

Edukacja międzykulturowa w polskiej szkole

Celem artykułu jest ukazanie możliwości polskiej geografii szkolnej w zakresie optymalizowania przygotowywania uczniów do życia i funkcjonowania w XXI wieku determinowanym przez procesy globalizacji, integracji i transformacji.

Main factors affection the level of an openness of geography students towards European selected nations – a Polish perspective

Political, economic and cultural transformations, Poland's accelerated opening to the world and the possibilities of increased contacts with other nationalities as the result of integration with the EU, invasion of global mass culture should make Polish citizens' attitudes towards other nations more open.

Innovations in geographical education in Poland

In the age of globalization, integration and transformation, both in Poland and other countries of the world, cultural, regional and intercultural education, realised as a planned and deliberate educational and didactic process, seems to be indispensable.

Improving the quality of academic education by analyzing the students ‘experience

The article shows the results of research regarding the evaluation of the quality of teaching at the Pedagogical University in Cracow conducted on a group of students in the geography faculty. The evaluation was carried out using a questionnaire completed by Year 1 part-time and full-time students. The questions were compiled in the following groups: the quality of the teaching activities, practical and professional training; the quality of the didactic base, the attitude and behaviors of the academic teachers towards the students, the quality of cultivating the chosen skills and attitudes at the faculty of geography.

Based on conducted research most students would decide to apply again to study geography at the Pedagogical University despite differing opinions about the various aspects of the quality of teaching.

Wybrane nowoczesne metody

W kształceniu na każdym etapie edukacji jednym z ważniejszych elementów prawidłowego i efektywnego planowania procesu dydaktycznego jest trafny dobór metod kształcenia.

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