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dp 2Danuta Piróg: socio-economic geographer; an associate professor in the Pedagogical University of Kraków (Institute of Geography), an author and co-author of 115 papers in scientific journals, chapters in monographs and books.

I am scientifically active in the domain of social geography, mainly geography of services. My choice of research topics is closely related to my being a graduate and employee of the Pedagogical University, which has a strong tradition of combining research with education, including in subdisciplines of geography. I have contributed to this tradition, with varying intensivity, since the beginning of my scientific work. I conducted research on the relation between education (as a factor determining the quality of life as well as one of key services in market economy at the time of growing European integration and globalisation) and human functioning (or potential of active involvement) in social, economic and cultural life in spatial systems of various scales.
My current research interests cover the following three core areas:

  • the transition of higher education graduates' from education to the labour market explored these issues both through labour market theories and mechanisms of this type of transition in the light of socio-economic changes;
  • factors which influence the educational decisions of young people with a particular concern on higher education in Poland and in other countries and the possibilities of implementation these results into HE quality management;
  • innovative concepts and strategies of vocational counselling among young people.

Selected functions:

2017present: member of Faculty Commission for Evaluation of Master and Bachelor Dissertations

2016 – 2017:  Deputy Head (Science and International Cooperation)

2016 present : Erasmus Exchange Coordinator in the Institute of Geography

2016present: member of Faculty Commission of the Research Workers Evaluation

2016present: faculty member   of the Parameterization Team

2013 – present: reviewer of journal RIGEO

2013 – present: reviewer of journal: Studies in Higher Education

2012 – present: member of The Commission of Quality of Education in Pedagogical University and a Coordinator of Quality in the Institute of Geography

2012 – present: member of the Panel of Geographical Education in the Polish Academy of Science

2012 – present: coordinator of specialisation Science in the Institute of Geography (Pedagogical University of Kraków)

2012 – present: the representative of PhD academic teachers in Faculty Council of Geography and Biology at Pedagogical University of Kraków (chosen in election)

2006 – present: member of Rector's Commission of Practical Teacher Training in the Pedagogical University of Kraków

2001 – present: director of post - graduate studies "Science" in the Institute of Geography (Pedagogical University of Kraków)

2002 – 2011: director of Practical Teacher Training in the Institute of Geography (Pedagogical University of Kraków)

2006 – 2009: member of the board of the Polish Geographical Society (chosen in election)










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