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Higher education and the labor market in Poland - an outline of the state of research

Nowadays one of the most important socio-economical problems in Poland is the unemployment which also concerns graduates of higher education.

At the beginning of 90ties the graduation of higher studies guaranteed young people very good offers of employment. From the middle of 90ties until now one of the most important problems of higher education is still growing number of students and graduates which is impossible to be absorbed by the labour market.

Some experiences of Western Europe countries show that it is very important to develop the idea of higher education which will help students to acquire competences which are needed among employers during next few years.

The main purpose of this paper is to show a tentative analysis of research which undertake the problems of situation of graduates in higher education on the labour market. The analysis was focused on four streams:

- Professional lots of graduates;

- Research of the level of academic education in the context of labour market and expectations of employers towards candidates for workplaces;

- Papers devoted to methods of research the professional lots of graduates

- Commission research.

Published in:

Piróg D., 2010. Studia wyższe a rynek pracy w Polsce – zarys stanu badań [W:] Studia wyższe z perspektywy rynku pracy (red. Sitarska B., Jankowski K., Droba R.), Wyd. Akademii Podlaskiej, Siedlce, s. 61-80.

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