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Measurement of conviction and attitudes

Modern didactic of geography should undertake new research not only in the sphere of estimation of knowledge and skill increasing but also in the area of conviction and attitudes.

The purpose of this article is to show the results of some trials in searching for and adopting new methods and research tools which can be necessary in didactic of geography, especially in measuring conviction and attitudes.

Presented in this paper methodological concept of research seems to be the closest some research goals of a new theme in didactic of geography – intercultural education. That's the reason why it was verified in an empirical way in respect to estimation of its usefulness in research of didactic of geography and numerical expression of attitudes (from an openness through an acceptation and a distance to an aversion) students of geography towards representatives of selected natives from Europe.

Studies of literature and research which the author of the article did proves that presented methodological concept of measuring conviction and attitudes can be useful in didactic of geography, because:

- it makes possible to obtain measurable and comparable results of state and changes of the most important effect of education – attitudes;

- it is an input for further methodological searching.

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